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​San Pantaleone, RC - Contrada San Giovanni

Three farmhouses leaning on a cliff, watching over an old olive tree grove, on the first slopes of the Aspromonte. It's the "Rocca del Vento" ("Rock of the Wind"), centuries old hamlet, at the doors of San Pantaleo.

Three farmhouses restored using the simple materials of the place, the traditional ones: stone, wood, lime, hand made roof tiles.

A family of buzzards in perpetual fly from Mount Serro, protruding like the deck of an aircraft carrier on the infinite arc of the sea, shining at Midday.

The badger, the fox and the owl that guard the night, while the Sicilian coast's lights shine from Taormina to Siracusa.

Above, at night, the grim scowling of a barn owl from the deep of an old oak, when the wind plunges from the mountain of Peripoli and of Roccaforte.

The rest is silence. And chirping of cicadas, when it's season. And burning olive wood, in winter, when "capocolli" (air cured pork meat), "soppressate" (salami), and the pancette (bacon) are hung to be smoked.

In front of you, on an infinite arc, the spectacle of the Jonio Sea and of Mount Etna, a volcano that taints the night of red, and the ships steering near the coast before they engage the Stretto di Messina.

Crossroad of ancient roads that still connect San Lorenzo with the sea, San Pantaleo is nowadays a nice laying over place,  in many trekking paths you can hike by foot or by horse. You'll be crossing the National Park of Aspromonte and the lands colonized around the VII century by people from Chalcis, Messene, and Acheans.


We're in the heart of the Grecanic Calabria. Bova, Gerace, Locri, breathing the history, the archaeology, and the harsh and wild nature that made the first Greek colonizers feel at home.

The surrounding district's names are of Greek origin themselves: Marasà, Potamìsi, Crasidonde, Linni, Scinò, Cammarà, Scìmini...


You'll be sleeping in the fresh breeze, at 650 meters above the sea, beneath centuries old olive and almond trees, figs, giant prickly pear cactuses, and the Mediterranean vegetation's typical fragrances.


The coast is washed by the Ionian sea, with its amazingly warm and crystal clear water. You 'll reach the sea-side by car in 20 minutes only. 



Weekly                              400 €

Single Room                       50 €

Double Room                  80 €

Including: cleaning/towels & linen change twice a week, heating & hot water,

playground for kids, parking, laundry machine, hairdryer, kettle. Option of kitchenette.

We can add a bed for your child in the double room 

Pets allowed (please contact us in advance)






We offer the classical italian breakfast with coffee and milk, or tea.

We include a selection of local gourmandise like home made cakes, cottage cheese, biscuits, fresh fruits...
If you desire something different, please ask!

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